Kyo Akari Inn

Access from Kyoto Station


By Taxi

Kyoto Station: Karasuma exit
The right-hand side has a taxi stand. 

2 km, around 10 minutes from Kyoto Station, roughly within the meter-drop distance
( Varies depending on the traffic situation )


Please tell the taxi driver “nishi-no-toin Roku-jo”

By Bus ( No.50: Ritsumeikan Univ Bound )

Kyoto Station: Karasuma exit ( B2: Bus stop area )
The front side has aboard buses.
10 minutes from Kyoto Station, 220 yen/ per person
Get off ` Nishi-no-to-in Roku-jyo` bus stop.


By Train

Please use a city subway. 
Direction of ` International Hall `
Please get off at the 1st station. ( Station name ` Go-Jo`).
Please come on the ground in exit No.4 (or No.6). 
It is on foot 10 minutes there. 

We will waiting at the subway entrance (No.4) ground.


Although access on foot is also possible, it takes 40 minutes or more, and also since the way is also complex, I recommend you use of the above-mentioned means of transportation.